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Coalfield Jews: An Appalachian History by Deborah R. Weiner, the Research Historian and Family History Coordinator at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, is an award-winning book published in 2006 by the University of Illinois Press.

Coalfield Jews traces the stories of vibrant Eastern European Jewish communities in the Appalachian coalfields from the 1890s to the 1950s. The book is based on a wide range of primary sources, from synagogue records to local newspapers, from court transcripts to moving personal statements and oral histories. Its themes touch on social, cultural, religious, labor, economic, and regional history. Coalfield Jews is a "unique and engaging," "full of surprises" foray into a previously unknown part of the American Jewish experience and a "required reading" for any student of American Jewish history.

Coalfield Jews won the Southern Jewish Historical Society Book Prize in 2007. It was selected among 11 books published nationally between 2003 and 2006 for its contribution to the field of Jewish history in the American South.

In our website you can find information about the author, contents and excerpts of the book, samples of photos included in the book, reviews and comments, as well as links related to Jewish life and history in the Appalachian region.

Coalfield Jews: An Appalachian History is available for purchase online as a paperback or hardcover at the University of Illinois Press, the Jewish Museum of Maryland, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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Coalfield Jews: An Appalachian History
by Deborah R. Weiner
University of Illinois Press, 2006

Coalfield Jews - An Appalachian History
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